Litchi is among India’s fastest growing companies in the industry. We work with governments, thought leaders, educators, students and parents to develop innovative solutions and incubate new business ideas to make k-12 education more effective, relevant and joyful - in both private and government sector.

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Education. Innovation. Action.

Litchi works with governments, thought leaders, institutions and entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas that can improve the quality and reach of education in both private and government sectors.

In collaboration with Sri Aurobindo Society, we are providing the State Government of Uttar Pradesh the first-ever multi-dimensional program to transform the education system across the 75 districts of the state. As part of the program, we have trained more than 15,000 principals and teachers of the Madhyamik Shikhsha Abhiyaan in UP in 2015, and will be launching an inclusive innovation platform for more than 4 lakh educators in 2016.

Litchi is also a business incubator, helping new entrepreneurs develop and launch ideas that can truly improve the teaching-learning process in the country. From enabling new technologies to leadership training & development, from year-round academic and health performance management to facilitating CBSE-guided programs, from psychological well-being to creative development, we are currently running some of the most innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Established in 2009, today we are young dynamic organisation, bustling with the creative energy of more than 100 people on the team. In the private sector, we are serving over 50 schools across 15 cities, reaching out to 3,000 teacher, 50,000 students and 1,00,000 parents in the country.

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“Litchi has a lot to give to the education world. Again and again they have amazed us with their insights and knowledge... In Litchi, our school has finally found a friend who listens, understands and supports!” —Reema Punj, Principal, Guru Nanak Public School, New Delhi


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“Litchi is a fast growing organisation, with our team of more than 100 people working together very sincerely to transform the way children are nurtured in schools today. We invite you to be part of our effort, and all we expect from you is simply self-excellence.Whatever you do, do it better than you did the last time.”

Business Head, Litchi Knowledge Center

Director—Vision Implementation, Sri Aurobindo Society