Education 3.0

Welcome to the new age of Education where your classroom extends way beyond its four walls, and the learning never stops.
Ed 3.0 offers you India’s first-ever 21st century Experiential Learning Lab at your school, along with customised grade-specific academic programs for a solid grasp on the curriculum topics.
It’s about opening up a whole world of opportunities where students can explore their innate ability to think creatively and find solutions to real life problems.

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About Education 3.0


Is it difficult to incorporate it in the curriculum?

Experiential learning is designed to serve the curriculum. Project-based Learning methods can be seamlessly adjusted into the academic plan with only minor changes in the class timetable.

Is it expensive to conduct experiential learning programs?

Project-based Learning does not require expensive equipment and tools. On the contrary it leverages the child's familiar environment for creating learning opportunities and can be conducted by making inexpensive fixes within the classroom also

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What is Experiential Education?

We all live in the ambit of our socio cultural environment which in turn, shapes our lives. We continually interact with the people around us and our physical environment. Although this process may unfold differently for different individuals yet it is majorly guided by the predominant culture that we adhere to.


What does NCF 2005 says?

The present National Curriculum Framework 2005 proposes five guiding principles for curriculum development:
(i) connecting knowledge to life outside the school;
(ii) ensuring that learning shifts away from rote methods;
(iii) enriching the curriculum so that it goes beyond textbooks;
(iv) making examinations more flexible and integrating them with classroom life; and
(v) nurturing an overriding identity informed by caring concerns within the democratic polity of the country


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